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PostSubject: application   application Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 9:37 pm

Part 1 - General Information

1. Name & Age:Tafari/26
2. Location & Time zone: NY//EST
3. Weekly Availability: 5-7 days 12+hours a day

4. Aeria Forum Name:ImSoNuB11
5. Character Name: Tank/Dps/Heal
6. Character/Class Levels:

Part 2 - Gaming

1. What role do you typically like to play in MMOs (DPS, Healer, Support, Tank, etc.), and why?
While I normally go for tank class I can heal just as good. I like playing Tank/Healer roles better
Because there always need and these classes tend to make the most money as I don’t donate to games as much
As id wish to but all in all I’m very good with both

2. What are your thoughts on PvP? I love pvp and think is should be the focal point
Of all mmo's. My thoughts are what’s the point of having all the gear and spend hours playing
If at the end of the day I can only look good in town... that would be boring. But this
Game starting out in beta it’s expected for it not to have pvp for a bit I’m fine with that
Gives time to feel the game out..

3. Tell us about your prior MMO experiences.
Well theirs tons my 1st mmo was Knight online my very first taste of pvp and I loved it
Been hooked on mmos ever since there I played Priest/Warrior lots of boss runs etc.
Second was ffxi by far and even know my all-time fav mmo just the diversity in the game the
Deep storyline friendly players made this game #1 in my book there I level all classes to
Get the full feel for the game but RDM/NIN was my main. there was not pvpin this game
but one of the few that the game play was more that enjoyable
3rd was Shaiya played this game since beta played War/BT/BP and of rare occasions Ranged dps.
all though this game didn’t hold any interest as for as storylines go it was hardcore pvp focused and
Boss oriented that’s what made this game appealing for a few years just recently quit last year
to expensive as with most age games
4th FFXIV ok now this was I have mixed feelings about many many things have been changed but
It’s still not on par with ffxi it’s a very beautiful game char customizations are top notch
The landscapes are amazing and the diversity in classes are all excellent, but the controls are frumpy
Movements are weird and limited exp per class holds the game back lots...
5th Eden Eternal I played this game in cb loved it played though open beta as a Knight/healer/shaman
Loved the team aspect love games where it’s a tank priest dps setup but after a while I left in game prices
Were outrageous and I don’t know I guess my love for the game left once I hit 60

4. Are you able to use Ventrilo and do you have a working mic? not atm the one I had shit the bed
So ill have to hit walmart up and grab 1 but that’s never a problem

5. Do you consider yourself a casual or hardcore gamer, and why?
atm I’m a hard core gamer I play a shit load of games mmos and fps alike
I seen you guys are waiting for Ageofwulin that’s my #1 right now been waiting for a year now that and
GW2 soon as they launch I’m on it none stop

Part 3 - Conclusion

1. What do you enjoy most about MMOs?
Friendships, and there competitive nature some people say they
Don’t like to compete but it’s all in us no one likes to get beat

2. What are your expectations of us? Why do you belong in Skylark?
my expectations are the same for any guild I’ve been in if u need me for anything
ill be there but I expect the same I don’t think that’s much to ask
I never liked guild's that expect expect expect and then nothing

3. Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you?
I Love Anime ^^ yay

4. Were you referred here by anyone? If so who?
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PostSubject: Re: application   application Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 9:43 pm

Welcome! It was great to see you on chatango right off the bat. I hope you'll hop on vent later and properly introduce yourself in the Introduction section.
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