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PostSubject: Crackles Aplication   Crackles Aplication Icon_minitimeMon Oct 24, 2011 4:44 am

Part 1 - General Information

1. Name & Age: Jonathan, 20
2. Location & Timezone: Redmond, WA PST
3. Weekly Availability: Weekends and nights depending on workload

4. Aeria Forum Name: SilverBreaker
5. Character Name: Crackle/SilverBreaker
6. Character/Class Levels: NA


Part 2 - Gaming

1. What role do you typically like to play in MMOs (DPS, Healer, Support, Tank, etc), and why?
I Prefer to play a DPS/Support type character, I don't like being the center of attention but I'm glad to help out those who are.

2. What are your thoughts on PvP?
I find it's a good break from the tedium of questing and leveling.

3. Tell us about your prior MMO experiences.
Currently I'm playing S4 League, Global Agenda, and TF2. The List of games I've played in the passed is as follows: Mabinogi, FFXI, Rune Scape, Maple Story, NEO, Eden Eternal, DOMO... and quite a few more but I'd be here all night if I tried to list them all.

4. Are you able to use Ventrilo and do you have a working mic?
Yes and yes.

5. Do you consider yourself a casual or hardcore gamer, and why?
Well I used to consider my self near the hardcore gamer level but with all the work I have to do with college I'd say I'm more of a casual now.


Part 3 - Conclusion

1. What do you enjoy most about MMOs?
I enjoy the Multiplayer aspect the most, With college it can be a real pain to get people together to play a game but with MMOs its Much easier to hookup with friends and play.

2. What are your expectations of us? Why do you belong in Skylark?
I really like the idea of an easy going guild playing multiple games, to many guilds these days are to serious/elitist. Also I here you have GIRLS! ;D

3. Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you?
I'd just like to say hi to Arlus, Picchu, Shao, and any other ex >Sh*tty Guild We Don\'t Talk About On This Forum< members.

4. Were you referred here by anyone? If so who?
Nope I just noticed Arlus's post in the Lime Odyssey forums and recognized several of the members
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PostSubject: Re: Crackles Aplication   Crackles Aplication Icon_minitimeMon Oct 24, 2011 8:07 am

Play S4 now huh :D!? huh? do ya? do ya? any good <3?!?!?!?! Like TD <3?!?!?!?1 I do <3?!?!?!?!
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PostSubject: Re: Crackles Aplication   Crackles Aplication Icon_minitimeMon Oct 24, 2011 9:21 am

Good to see you again! Vent info in the member resource section and chatango on the home page. Make an introduction topic so Adrenaline can spam you there >_>"
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PostSubject: Re: Crackles Aplication   Crackles Aplication Icon_minitime

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Crackles Aplication
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