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PostSubject: Application ^-^   Application ^-^ Icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 1:47 pm

Part 1 - General Information

1. Name & Age: Lexie 16
2. Location & Timezone: Texas. CST
3. Weekly Availability: Pretty much everyday at anytime.

4. Aeria Forum Name: reikann
5. Character Name: (Not Applicable until release)
6. Battle/Life Class Levels: (Not Applicable until release)


Part 2 - Gaming

1. What role do you typically like to play in MMOs (DPS, Healer, Support, Tank, etc), and why? I usually enjoy playing Support or Mage just because it's what I enjoy to be the most. Something about wielding a staff/wand in a game makes me feel ALL POWERFUL. Not really, I just like making pretty colors. Razz

2. What are your thoughts on PvP? PvP is a great part of any MMO when people don't take it too seriously. There also should be a 'turn off PvP' option if there is PvP in a game because what's more annoying than going to get a delicious snack and coming back to your character's funeral?

3. Tell us about your prior MMO experiences. My prior MMO experiences were relatively catastrophic failures, mostly due to the fact that I dedicated most of my time to one in particular; Mabinogi. I joined during Beta, loved it, then the game company stopped taking care of the game and it slowly died.

4. Are you able to use Ventrilo and do you have a working mic? Yes, I can use Ventrilo ad I have a working mic along with a webcam.

5. Do you consider yourself a casual or hardcore gamer, and why? If something holds my interest, I'm a hardcore gamer. Right now, however, I'm a casual gamer and not doing much in terms of gaming except for the odd TF2 match and Minecraft excursion. I'm hoping that Lime Odyssey can engage me and turn me into a hardcore gamer again.


Part 3 - Conclusion

1. What do you enjoy most about MMOs? I enjoy a good back story in an MMO and mainstream quests.

2. What are your expectations of us? Why do you belong in Skylark? I expect that you are all friendly people who would like to have fun as well as being supportive to guild members. I belong in Skylark because I'm pretty open-minded, laid back, and an avid gamer most of the time.

3. Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you? I'm home schooled, so I'll be available to chat at almost all hours of the day.

4. Were you referred here by anyone? If so who? No, I wasn't referred by anyone. I saw your topic on the LO forums and thought you guys seemed great ^-^
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PostSubject: Re: Application ^-^   Application ^-^ Icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 2:34 pm

Welcome! Be sure to post in the introduction forum. You can also find chatango on the home page and the vent information in the guild resource forum. Hope to see you around :)
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Application ^-^
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