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 Narei's Application

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PostSubject: Narei's Application   Narei's Application Icon_minitimeTue Mar 13, 2012 11:10 pm

Part 1 - General Information

1. Name & Age: 사망타 27
2. Location & Timezone: US/ PST
3. Weekly Availability: Mon-Sun

4. Forum Name:Narei
5. Character Name: (Not Applicable until release)
. Class/Level: (Not Applicable until release)


Part 2 - Gaming

1. What role do you typically like to play in MMOs (DPS, Healer, Support, Tank, etc), and why?
I usually play anything with Thief , assasssin, or dual dagger class. But I also like to play support classes as my alternate.
2. What are your thoughts on PvP?
I have ran several PVP guilds in the past. I like to kill other players, over and over again.
3. Tell us about your prior MMO experiences.
I have started playing MMOs since Diablo/Diablo II and then to Everquest , WoW, Guild Wars, Hero Online, Cabal, Most all mmos from Gpotato and Nexon.
4. Are you able to use Ventrilo and do you have a working mic? (Logging into Ventrilo is mandatory, talking is optional)
I have very bad asian accent and do not wish to speak.
5. Do you consider yourself a casual or hardcore gamer, and why?
I consider myself to be a Korean Gamer. I play marathons here and there but real life is more important than gaming.

Part 3 - Conclusion

1. What do you enjoy most about MMOs?
I like PvP and if there is none then the next I enjoy is Dungeons and Teamwork
2. What are your expectations of us? Why do you belong in Skylark?
I have no expectations as I do not know anyone. I am not going to assume I belong in Skylark, However what caught my attention is that this guild has respect for all kinds of people.
3. Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you?
I love lime odyssey and I wish to spend time with a guild who is serious about the game but know how to have fun also.
4. Were you referred here by anyone? If so who?
I saw Latte's name in the ventrillo, I partied with her once in alpha but did not get to talk to her.
I am also thinking about leaving my guild in Silence as they are not meeting my needs in a guild during this offtime.
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PostSubject: Re: Narei's Application   Narei's Application Icon_minitimeTue Mar 13, 2012 11:21 pm

I like this application! She's survived Nexon and gPotato and seems reasonable and intelligent. I'll say /accepted with the standard 2 week trial period ;)
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PostSubject: Re: Narei's Application   Narei's Application Icon_minitimeSat Mar 24, 2012 7:03 am

I think someone may have forgotten to lock and move this app... :P

Thanks for reminding me Giza - Hiro :P

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PostSubject: Re: Narei's Application   Narei's Application Icon_minitime

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Narei's Application
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